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Line Up  

The Bluesdoctors  were founded in 1997 (Maastricht NL) by bassplayer JAN HALDERS.

Following the bands Anno'66 and Texas Two Shoes, the Bluesdoctors play from 2004 to the present on many stages with various line-ups together with singer/harp player FRED LEBENS.

In 2022, WIL GELISSEN were added to the Bluesdoctors as a new drummer and guitarist MEGA MEGANTARA (2023).



The repertoire of the BLUESDOCTORS is varied in style and tempo and sounds solid due to the mix of blues rock, Chicago and Texas blues, swing and boogie.

The musical program consists of own songs and arrangements of blues classics and is played with passion. The Bluesdoctors know how to captivate the audience time and time again.

A club performance consists of two sets of one hour each or a festival set of 60 to 90 minutes.


The compensation

meets the requirements of the Gage Statement Artists (Small Compensation Scheme) with a short-term contract with the personal details of the band members.

Band members

In the past, FRED LEBENS (Vocal & Bluesharp) shared the stage with The Wicked Willy Bluesband and some sessions with harp icons such as Paul Lamb, Lynwood Slim, R.J Mischo and Paul Orta.

With his passionate harp playing he takes the BLUESDOCTORS to unprecedented heights…


'Bluesy Bassman' JAN HALDERS, contact person and pivot of the band, plays Rock & Blues from the late Sixties and Seventies in various line-ups such as Anno'66, Crossroad, Texas Two Shoes Bluesband, Rene Shuman and the current BLUESDOCTORS  “Like a Never End Story".


The new and experienced guitarist MEGA MEGANTARA was in 2023 added to the BLUESDOCTORS. This promising musician plays characteristic and bluesy slide guitar with funky influences. He will be prepared for follow-up performances in 2024 with new guitar-oriented songs.

The current technically versatile and experienced Drummer WIL GELISSEN (2021) plays his own Blues / Rock sound with a solid and Funky Groove on the Pearl Masterkit.



The combination of fiery Bluesharp, solid guitar work, tight bass & drums and a powerful blues vocal form the musical anchors of this experienced band


Live Events

The BLUESDOCTORS are highly recommended for Cafés, Bluesclubs, Festivals and related and have played with Kaz Lux (ex-Brainbox), Snowy White, Marcus Malone and many others.

PA System

The Bluesdoctors are equipped with their own Club PA. Consisting of a complete active sound and light set with a capacity of 2x500 Watt-Rms intended for a live event for more than 200 people.

The PA set is provided by AIM MUSIC NL.

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Blues 'n' Jam Night February 2024 edition :


"Yeah, dear blues afficionados, last night we all had a ball with the fabulous Bluesdoctors, cranking up their amps and delivering that goodtime, mean big city blues, executed with vigorous vocals, snappy & funky drumming rhythms, pumping bass lines and some real dirty guitarchops - all in all that nasty kinda Blues we all love.

So big thx to the band for playing our li'l venue & tearing down the house"

Mike Abt (org.)

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Contact Formulier Bluesdoctors

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                Mobiel +31 0612571744

                  ©JH Aim Music 2024  


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